Top of the fund governance tree

The NED hosted an event in Guernsey, the leading international jurisdiction for fund governance (see cover story) in early October. It did this in part to make its case for greater transparency in fund governance. Speaking on the panel were: Rebecca Booth, Client Director, Carey; Max Hilton, Managing Director, Clarus Risk; Christopher Jehan, Managing Director, Midshore Consulting and head of the Guernsey Investment Funds Association and John Whittle, an Independent Director.

At this well-attended event Simon Osborn said that Guernsey has a lot to gain from more transparency in fund governance. Guernsey has more higher quality boards than the other international fund jurisdictions (that have been reviewed by NED researchers). Investors allocating to Guernsey domiciled funds should have confidence that they are generally in capable hands.

To read more on this story see the October 2019 issue of The NED.