Time for a fundamental rethink

Across many industries, including asset management, people are using this crisis to ask fundamental questions about their business practices. This is now beginning to happen in fund governance too. A lot of what we have all taken for granted is being re-evaluated at present.

Most fund governance practices have been in place for a long time without anyone questioning any of them. Very little to nothing has changed in the way funds have been governed – especially at board level – since the international asset management industry got going in the late 1980s.  Whilst we are all locked down this would be an ideal time to some big questions.

The NED will be running a series of e-events over the coming months to address and perhaps challenge the broad and basic pillars of fund governance. To get the debate going we thought we would raise what we believe are the big questions that the industry might like to address now. Some of these were also brought up in the e-event that The NED hosted on April 28.

To read more on this story see the May issue of The NED.