Hedge Director

Number of people who act as directors of funds in your organisation 18
Total number of employees
Each person acts in his/her own capacity, not as an employee of HedgeDirector
Jurisdictions in which you operate
UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, France, Italy, USA, Channel Islands, Ireland
Categories of funds for which you act as directors
Offshore fund boards, onshore management company boards, UCITS, SICAVS, AIFs, charities, mainstream (non-investment) businesses. Regulated by authorities across all those jurisdictions, including CSSF, Central Bank Ireland and CIMA
Does your organisation offer services in addition to directorships?
Are you independent or are you part of a larger entity?
How would describe your approach to fund governance?
We are not a "director services" firm; we are a location for finding high quality, respected individuals to provide governance to funds. We believe that the concept of director services firms is a problem within the industry. It turns an important source of investor protection into a back-office functionary, often with insufficient industry expertise and holding excessive portfolios of roles. We cap the number of directorship relationships at a maximum of 15, and only include people with actual investment experience.  Our approach to governance is to put ourselves in the investors' shoes and treat them, and not the fund manager, as our ultimate employers.