ARC Directors

Number of people who act as directors of funds in your organisation 5
Total number of employees 6
Jurisdictions in which you operate
Cayman Islands and Ireland (Dublin)
Categories of funds for which you act as directors
Our Principals act as directors for regulated funds (UCITS, Non-UCITS, AIFMD) and other regulated entities (Service Providers) domiciled in Ireland and Luxembourg and as directors of offshore funds and management companies in Cayman Islands, Bermuda, BVI, Bahamas, the UK and the US
Does your organisation offer services in addition to directorships?
Primary service offered is the provision of independent non-executive director services. A.R.C. Directors also has the capability to provide company secretarial services.
Are you independent or are you part of a larger entity?
How would describe your approach to fund governance?
The Principals at A.R.C. Directors are professional, independent non-executive directors acting in best interest of our clients and their investors. We are very well aware of the regulatory demands on funds and management companies, the changing Fund Governance landscape, the various Corporate Governance Codes and best practice. We are conscious of the impact on our independence of conflicts of interest and the need to monitor our capacity on an ongoing basis. We consider it important to have due diligence processes to monitor the performance of other parties related to the entities we act for and to contribute to the development of the industry through participation in industry bodies.